Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dear Hope Street family. After a week of terrible news, we offer our condolences to the family and friends of the late Jill Meagher. In addition, we would like to express our ongoing love, respect and solidarity with all the residents and businesses of both Hope Street and of Brunswick in general.

As a strong community, we can survive this and while both this suburb and the world are poorer for the loss of Ms Meagher, we can only hope that the horrific events of the past week bring us closer together. Despite some of the characterisations made in the media, we continue strongly to believe that this part of town embodies everything a diverse, creative, tolerant and safe community can be.

To everyone on the block – from the panelbeaters to the printers to the dressmakers to the musicians, artists and poets: We hope you are ok. This has hurt us all very deeply. Please look out for one another. Be safe. One love.

Bob, Tom and Tristan.

New track from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra

Recorded in the same session as Mr Clean, this track was also recorded to 8 track tape.  This was actually the first session put down on this tape machine after it was recently acquired by HopeStreet.  The vocals were put down after the band put down the takes, but that still required 13 something musicians playing live to 8 track.

The vocals were put down by Kuukua, Lydia and Fem, with all the intensity and vibe that we’ve come to expect.  This is a pretty straight up track, it’s about getting it on on the floor.