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  • The Meltdown

    The Meltdown. It’s a bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. Then there’s that voice. Sweet as honey. The voice is soul, but it’s country too and something else indefinable; like you heard it before but don’t know where… Introducing Better Days, The Meltdown’s first release on HopeStreet Recordings. There’s a […]

  • The Do Yo ThangsDoYo-1021x729-1

    One Plus One is the five track debut EP by Melbourne band The Do Yo Thangs – a collection of sensual slow jams and bumping future soul dominated by rich, four-voice harmonies.  Their debut release is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right-hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne (Au […]

  • The Meltdown

    Please enjoy your free download of Better Days: Better Days is available below on 7″ vinyl or head to iTunes, Bandcamp or Spotify for digital.  

  • Quarter Street

    From the first few notes, it sounds like the real thing. Piano and bass riff hard. Percussion enters. ¡Oiga Papa! Listen up! The trombones come in thick and strong. Fantasia, the first song on Quarter Street’s self-titled LP is authentic ‘salsa dura’ from the old school. Hard salsa. It’s not shiny, it’s not clean and […]

  • Emma Donovan & The PutBacksEmma Donovan & The PutBacks

    Emma Donovan grew up singing church songs with her maternal grandparents on the North coast of New South Wales. Her first secular gigs were singing in The Donovans, a band comprised of her mother and five uncles. With her mother, Emma sang country for years, and in her youth was a fixture at the Tamworth […]

  • San LazaroIMG_9792

    It’s a tropical night. You hear the sound of congas and bongos, brass sections and chorus vocals. It’s a toe-tapping hip-rolling mambo and that cowbell is ringing and the bass is bouncing and while it’s a familiar sound, something seems different this time. San Lazaro’s unique take on Latin music is a blend of old school […]

  • Zillanova

    Three years after their first 7-inch release, Melbourne’s most elusive soul project Zillanova step out of the shadows with The Fader, a darkly sensual cut featuring a true revelation – the voice of Joshua Tavares. Bringing to mind both Donny and Marvin, Zillanova’s new frontman is the youngest son of a singing family, his brother […]

  • The Public Opinion Afro OrchestraThe Public Opinion Afro Orchestra

    Inspired by the infectious afro-beat music of Nigeria and its neighbours, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra delivers contemporary African funk to Australian dancefloors. This mammoth ensemble comprises seventeen musicians hand-picked from Melbourne’s music scene. The afro-beat movement of the 60’s and 70’s is making a worldwide resurgence in live venues and clubs alike.  The Public […]

  • The Bombay RoyaleBR PRESS 5

    The Bombay Royale are a world conquering cult band hailing from Melbourne Australia. Their music is a red hot marsala of surf, spy, space disco and funk inspired by the sounds and spirit of 1970s & 80s Bollywood. From unlikely beginnings in the badlands of suburban Melbourne the band have taken their unique sound to audiences throughout […]

  • The Cactus ChannelThe Cactus Channel (landscape) #3 2000px

    Chemically speaking, the best way to speed up a reaction is to invite change and introduce an outside force: light, heat, movement. As The Cactus Channel know full well, the same goes with sound — introducing change compels a composition forward, as it rises, falls, peaks and boils. As frenetic rhythms build only to fall […]