The Bombay Royale

The Bombay Royale

The Bombay Royale are a world conquering cult band hailing from Melbourne Australia. Their music is a red hot marsala of surf, spy, space disco and funk inspired by the sounds and spirit of 1970s & 80s Bollywood. From unlikely beginnings in the badlands of suburban Melbourne the band have taken their unique sound to audiences throughout Europe, UK and the USA. 

Their music is psychedelic road trip that spans vast musical landscapes, traversing lawless deserts on a heavy riff, surfing cosmic pulse-rays on a galactic long board and finally floating through the dead of space to a synthesised 80’s beat.  Overlaid with vocals in Hindi, Bengali and English, the band is fronted by The Tiger and The Mysterious Lady.  Their live show is a knockout and not to be missed. 

The Bombay Royale’s debut album You Me Bullets Love won a place in iTunes Best of 2012 and #1 on the iTunes World Music charts. Their second album The Island of Doctor Electrico was extensively featured in the Sony Playstation game FarCry4 as well as the track ‘Henna Henna’ featured in season 2, episode 6 of AMC’s Better Call Saul! 

In August 2017, the band will unleash its trademark sound yet again and set off on an extraordinary musical safari on their new album ‘Run Kitty Run’.

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*Watch the Wild Stallion Mountain clip above*

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*Watch the You Me Bullets Love clip above*

*’Henna Henna’ featured in episode 6, season 2 of Better Call Saul*