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The Cactus Channel release new single ‘Leech’!

The Cactus Channel’s new single “Leech” takes the orchestrated soul futurism that has become their signature sound and adds silvery vocal dimensions, as the band’s own Lewis Coleman steps up to the mic. The song’s emotionally potent lyrics evoke the wrestling that arises internally with the feelings that linger after a breakup.

As Lewis elucidates, “Leech” is about “those feelings that don’t go away, and pop up at unexpected times. When something shifts inside, but even your best friends wouldn’t know; your mood is instantly altered, even if you can walk back into the room and nobody notices it externally.” 

The band has recently shared the video for their first single “Storefront” and announced a huge Australian tour and an October residency at Melbourne’s The Night Cat.

The Do Yo Thangs’ new single ‘Those Days’ – Out Now!!!


The Do Yo Thangs are back with Those Days, another slice of minty fresh R&B with a twist. A Darker, more electronic musical direction sees the band take their staple of 808 kick drums and tight vocal harmonies into almost Little Dragonesque territories with frenetic drum programming, growling synthesizers and fuzz bass.

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The sentimental songwriting and soulful vocals are classic Do Yo Thangs, from Audrey Powne’s sensual lead track to the richly harmonised and layered ensemble vocals supporting her. This song is the Do Yo’s longing for the freedoms of youth in a world of stress, responsibility and pressure. Adulting is hard – even for musicians apparently.

Those Days – Single Launch Residency
@ The Evelyn Hotel 

Wednesday 8th November

Wednesday 15th November

Wednesday 22nd November

Wednesday 29th November

The Cactus Channel’s 3rd album ‘Stay A While’ is available for pre-order!

And the white & blue marbled vinyl is limited to 200 copies worldwide… get in quick:



The Bombay Royale’s ‘Run Kitty Run’ is out now!


The Bombay Royale’s 3rd studio album ‘Run Kitty Run’ is out now! Stream it all here –, and grab it on vinyl here

New Video From The Bombay Royale!

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“Really, what’s a girl to do? Wandering the cratered surface of a sci-fi desert the Mysterious Lady is set upon by a legion of swarthy suitors. Love is a high stakes game for our fighting princess and she despatches each with deadly efficiency. Going through the motions – is this all that love can ever be?  Or is it all part of a bigger game?”

Angular synthesisers, gated snare and riffing sitar. ‘I Love You Love You’ is vintage Bollywood injected with 80’s influences like Bowie, Talking Heads and Wire.  At once a lovers’ duet and more subtly a protest about the bureaucratisation and automation that impinges on every aspect of modern life, love included.  ‘I Love You Love You’ sees The Bombay Royale invade some new stylistic territory whilst retaining their trademark style and swagger.

The second taste of the new album ‘Run Kitty Run’ due out August 11, coinciding with the band’s appearance at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary and Paimpol Festival in Brittany, France.

The Bombay Royale Announce New Album “Run Kitty Run”

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Cult band The Bombay Royale are set for a triumphant return with their third studio masterpiece ‘Run Kitty Run’. A Retro Bollywood fuelled rampage through Psyche-Surf, 80’s Electro-Pop and Desert Rock, ‘Run Kitty Run’ is, like its predecessors, conceived as the soundtrack to a lost film. The music conjures into life a devastated futuristic landscape peopled by robotic horsemen, killer satellites and grinning sadhus. Overlaid with vocals in Hindi, Bengali and English, the resulting soundtrack is one of love and betrayal, hopeless escapes and unlikely salvation.

The first single ‘Ballygunge’ has an angular 80’s vibe, infused with gated snares and the spirits of Talking Heads and David Bowie and it’s a love song set in a dark sci-fi vision of Kolkata. Familiar landmarks like Gol Park are dwarfed by aerial highways and transmitter towers framed by the plumes of departing spacecraft. Despite the odds love blazes defiantly – whether it can survive is another question

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TCC-SC-TourPoster (2k)

Following their much-acclaimed first single ‘Sorry Hills’, alt-soul gang The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music, My Own Pet Radio) are announcing a one-off Australian tour in May/June in support of their upcoming EP ‘Do It F or Nothing’.

Mostly known as the moody instrumental children of Melbourne’s world famous soul scene, The Cactus Channel have been moving in a new stylistic direction with this collaboration. The EP treads a thin line between alt-soul and the best of indie pop, swimming in compelling atmospherics and deftly weaving Cromack’s rich, drawling vocal and disarming, meditative lyrics through the band’s typically intuitive arrangements.


Support from New Venusians & Frida.

Presented by Select Music, FBi Radio, RRR, 4ZZZ & The Music.

Their first single ‘Sorry Hills’ single climbed to # 154 in the Australian iTunes Alternative charts, and gained over 110,000 plays on Spotify in just 4 weeks, making its way into the Viral charts at #30. The single also received Triple J full rotation, as well as top Amrap charting .

The full 6-track EP “Do It For Nothing” is out April 21st on all streaming services through HopeStreet Recordings . 12” vinyl EP’s and CD’s will be available soon after, and are available for pre-order now at

The Meltdown release ‘Don’t Hesitate’ from their debut self-titled album!

The Meltdown, Melbourne’s purveyors of the finest country soul are pleased to announce the release of their newest single ‘Don’t Hesitate’! Joyous, upbeat and fiery, ‘Don’t Hesitate’ lifts us up and onto the dance floor urging us to push aside our fears and troubles and live in the moment. Blazing horns, sugar sweet backing vocals and Simon Burke’s honey voice take us back to the days of Stax and Motown with a little Nashville for good measure. After the sweetness of the last single, the ballad ‘Colours In The Sky’, this is a more boisterous taste of their soon to be released self-titled debut album, due out April 7th 2017.

Pre-order The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack’s 6-track EP on 12″ vinyl!


Melbourne alt-soul gang The Cactus Channel have released ’Sorry Hills’, the first single with Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music, My Own Pet Radio) from a collaborative 6-track EP due in April. That EP is now available for pre-orders! Only 500 being made worldwide… Shipping in April/May.

TCC & SC press pic

This EP treads a thin line between alt-soul and the best of indie pop, swimming in compelling atmospherics and deftly weaving Cromack’s rich, drawling vocal and disarming, meditative lyrics through the band’s typically intuitive arrangements. Lyrically, “Sorry Hills” is heavy with a kind of guilty melancholy that belies the wordplay in its title — Cromack’s dark, introspective lyrics are accompanied by an instrumental that buzzes with a slight sense of paranoia: in the song’s instrumental bridge, the rhythm section simmers as horns let forth quiet squeals.

The Cactus Channel tease EP with Sam Cromack

Just after announcing a national tour, The Cactus Channel have announced that they’ll be releasing a 6-track EP with Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music, My Own Pet Radio). The first single ‘Sorry Hills’ will be out February 10th, with the full EP due in April through HopeStreet.

For now they’ve left us with a little teaser of what happened in the studio:

Sam Cromack has been busy with Ball Park Music’s ‘Every Night The Same Dream’ album that was released late last year.

“I got into The Cactus Channel years ago and I was thrilled when we met each other and talked about maybe making some music. Working on the EP has been a lot of fun, it’s been very laid back. They’re extremely talented players so it’s been kinda effortless. The sound is nice; it’s probably some of the moodiest and most chilled-out music I’ve ever made. It’s gonna be a good late-night record.” – Sam Cromack

Expect to see The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack around Australia for 3-date tour in May/June. Dates TBC.