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“Ladridos” – San Lazaro’s deep electronic collaboration with Cy Gorman, is now live!

Blending the futuristic and the classic, Cy Gorman’s remix of San Lazaro’s sultry ballad Ladridos is a mesmerizing meeting of two worlds. The original is a dark, sparse and completely analogue tango ballad. For the remix – Cy has drawn the song into the digital realm and shaped it into a deeply bent piece of symphonic electronica, synthesizing elements of cumbia, deep house and tongue in cheek references to eurotrance while somehow remaining true to the essence of the original song.

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Ladridos (Cy Gorman Remix) b

Cy Gorman is a multi-disciplinary digital artist whose work takes him from film, theatre and new media to music production and back again. His 2015 album Carmen on Melbourne’s Heard and Felt record label was lauded by Giles Peterson as: “at the forefront of the Australian new electronic scene.“ Always productive, Cy’s next EP is coming out through Heard and Felt later in 2017.

San Lazaro have been creating original Latin music in Australia since 2003. Their music is a synthesis of far flung elements from all over Latin America’s musical history: Afrocuban Rumba, Son Montuno, Peruvian Cumbia, New York Salsa and Chilean protest-folk. The collaboration with Cy Gorman marks the band’s first foray into electronic music.

The Meltdown on Rosewood!

Rosewood Meltdown

It’s the second tune of ours to feature on a big TV show this week! This time The Meltdown’s track ‘Better Days’ will be featuring in Fox’s Rosewood, episode 14 season 1 to be exact.

Once again this is a mainly American affair, so apologies to all the other people around the world. BUT if you are an American local, tune in to Fox this Wednesday night at 8pm. For you non-Americans (like us), unfortunately I can’t find any ‘legal’ ways to watch… get creative.

If you just want to listen to the tune, please do so below:

The Meltdown are getting into the studio very soon to record some more crooning R&B tunes, so if you like what you hear please keep your eyes and ears peeled. If you want something tangible, their debut 7-Inch single featuring ‘Better Days’ and ‘Sweet Water‘ is available below:

HopeStreet Recordings | 2015 recap

HopeStreet 2015 releases (1)

It’s been a massive year for HopeStreet with the expansion of our team, the launch of our imprint label Wyall Style, a big handful of 7-inch releases and one super funky Salsa record. With the holidays around the corner we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to a little break, but all in all it’s been an extremely satisfying year working alongside our artists.

Six years ago we started this project in the basement of a defunct Karate dojo making small run 45’s for soul heads, and over the years we’ve met with new musicians and artists to create a now solid catalogue of seventeen 7-inch records and six full length LPs. Our artists have received international and national acclaim and won numerous awards, so here’s to another 6+ years of innovative record making for you all. Here’s a record by record recap of the year (earliest to latest):

Cosmetic Love / Jappo 7″ by One Sixth & The Public Opinion Six

Our first split collab joint features MC One Sixth on a funky afro groove with the B-side featuring The Public Opinion Six on the same tune, with percussoinist and singer Lamine Sonko fronting. Literally only a couple of these left – get them here.

Better Days / Sweet Water 7″ by The Meltdown 

Slick country-fried soul done right by The Meltdown. Led by singer Simon Burke, these dudes play solid tunes à la Ray Charles and Eli Paper Boy Reed with a killer rhythm section. Grab the 7-inch here.

Wild Stallion Mountain / Khubsoorat Bewafa 7″ by The Bombay Royale

Our favourite psychedelic bollywood funk/soul/surf superstars released this funky white 7-inch this year. It accompanies a crazy video of desert horse fuelled psychedelia. Grab the few limited white 7-inches here.

Cobaw / Fool’s Gold 7″ by The Cactus Channel

Dark and cinematic bogan jazz boys released this homage to country Victoria with their latest instrumental 7-inch. It explores new sounds, and was recorded by them in their house. Grab it here

Quarter Street LP by Quarter Street

Super solid Salsa Dura done right by Melbourne’s hardest working Latin band Quarter Street. Compared to the likes of Ruben Blades and old Fania recordings… get your copy now!

Kill The Doubt / Sleeping Alone 7″ by The Cactus Channel feat. Chet Faker

Recorded in 2014, this collaboration sat on the shelves until late this year. Super chuffed with this one. The Cactus Channel and old mate Chet Faker sound perfect together. Grab the 7-inch here

Slowly / I Want It All 7″ by Frida (out on Wyall Style Records)

As we mentioned above, we started an imprint label called Wyall Style Records. Run by artists behind The Cactus Channel and Frida, this new label is bringing you music with just as much heart and groove, but through a different set of glasses. Frida explore dark and lo-fi pop soul with their first 7-inch release. Grab it here.

Blackfella Whitefella / Down City Streets 7″ by Emma Donovan & The PutBacks feat. Archie Roach, Tim Rogers & Joelistics

An extremely important record for Australia, this collaboration between Indigenous artists Emma Donovan, Archie Roach, Tim Rogers and Joelistics is handing over all proceeds to SOS BLAK AUSTRALIA to raise awareness and funds to help Indigenous people who have been forced out of their home. Support it here.

Kung Fu Pyramids / Snake Eyes 7″ by The PutBacks

The first and original HopeStreet band. These guys brought you our first 45, and they’re back to bring you a record that cooks hard. Kung Fu style. Only 10 left… be quick!

Christmas Cracker Cracking Sale!


Sleighbells and reindeer and soulful music on wax. What’s more Christmassy than buying super-nice and super-cheap vinyl on the internet? Nothing! Exactly. It’s the HopeStreet Recordings Christmas-Cracker-Cracking sale. Whether you’re sweltering in the Southern Hemisphere or freezing Northside, we have the right music for y’all to put in your stockings.


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Sale you say? My god it’s how cheap? 30% off all vinyl, 40% off CDs and free shipping on all orders over $60! All this plus 50% off on selected bundles for those chrissie hampers. That’s right it is Christmas. From super heavy salsa to afro funk to the sweetest of sweet sweet soul HopeStreet records are the best Christmas-cracker-cracking soundtrack a person can ask for. Sale ends December 18th.

Stand Up And Be Counted – SOS Blak Australia’s 5th Global Call To Action



Tomorrow HopeStreet and all our artists are standing up with SOS Blak Australia to support the 5th global call to action against the closure of remote indigenous communities.

WHAT: A global protest against the threatened closure of Aboriginal communities.

WHY: Because 247 communities in WA, as well as communities in other states and territories are still in jeopardy due to cuts to funding. It’s urgent that all communities and supporters stand up to defend communities, culture and land and achieve ways of keeping communities alive and strong.

HOW: By mobilising in large numbers in different towns and locations in Australia and around the world and making out voices united, loud and clear to say “NO FORCED CLOSURES”

WHEN: 27 November 2015 (check local times in your area)

WHERE: In all major cities in Australia, smaller towns, Los Angeles, Berlin and other locations.

Follow the links to your local event from the worldwide facebook event page here.

Visit the SOS Blak website for more information on how you can help




HopeStreet Artists at AWME 2015

AWME 2015 was a big part of a big week for Hope Street artists. Emma Donovan and The PutBacks, Quarter Street and The Meltdown showcased to solid crowds and made friends from all over. Big shout out and thanks to the AWME organisers and crew for another great festival, and big love to all the delegates, artists and punters that consistently make AWME a one of a kind event in Melbourne, year in year out. It was great to be there! Our friend Cy from took these crackers of Emma Donovan and The PutBacks and Quarter Street on the opening night last week.


HopeStreet Artists Feature on Archie Roach 25th Anniversary Release


Indigenous legend Archie Roach released the 25th Anniversary Edition of his debut album ‘Charcoal Lane’ today!

The groundbreaking album is being re-released 25 years on with a 2nd disk jam packed full of extras, including newly recorded versions of ‘Charcoal Lane’ material such as a verison of ‘Down City Streets’ featuring Archie and HopeStreets own Emma Donovan & The PutBacks. The special edition also includes live Triple J versions of Archie Roach alongside his late partner Ruby Hunter recorded in 1990 as well as further contributions from Emma and other Australian artists including Paul Kelly and Dan Sultan.

For more information click here.

Emma Donovan & The PutBacks also recently released a new 7-inch in support of #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA featuring Archie Roach, Tim Rogers and Joelistics. All proceeds from the release go directly to the campaign. For more information on this release or to purchase the record click here.

Kill The Doubt

The Cactus Channel feat. Chet Faker


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The Cactus Channel and Chet Faker announce a 7inch two-track recording out September 18.

Funk/soul band, The Cactus Channel, have collaborated with ARIA Award winner Chet Faker for two tracks, ‘Kill the Doubt’ and ‘Sleeping Alone’ on a 7inch set for release via HopeStreet Recordings.

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Stream Quarter Street’s debut album here!

With the release date around the corner, we’ve teamed up with The Music to bring you a full stream of the new Quarter Street album for free! Experience it below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.59.27 pm

In other news, we’ve opened up pre-orders for LP and CD copies of the record… get in quick.

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Watch The Cactus Channels new spooky video

The Cactus Channel’s new single will officially be out on July 24th, but before then you can still pre-order the 7″ and watch their spooky video filmed in the depths of the Victorian forests.

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