The Do Yo Thangs – Those Days

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The Do Yo Thangs are back with Those Days, another slice of minty fresh R&B with a twist. A Darker, more electronic musical direction sees the band take their staple of 808 kick drums and tight vocal harmonies into almost Little Dragonesque territories with frenetic drum programming, growling synthesizers and fuzz bass. The sentimental songwriting and soulful vocals are classic Do Yo Thangs, from Audrey Powne’s sensual lead track to the richly harmonised and layered ensemble vocals supporting her. This song is the Do Yo’s longing for the freedoms of youth in a world of stress, responsibility and pressure. Adulting is hard – even for musicians apparently.

DYT_ThoseDaysArtwork The track is a tour of extremes, from the sparse minimalism of the introduction to the exuberant maximalism of the mid section. It’s also a perfect marriage of lofi and hifi digital technology: Songwriter and producer Hugh Rabinovici originally created the track using only Garageband on an iPhone 4 and the final mix by Bob Knob still retains the Marimba and Kick drum from those humble beginnings. Those Days is The Do Yo’s first release since their 2016 EP, One Plus One, and foreshadows an album long in the works and heading your way soon. Expect more sweet lead vocals, more stacked harmonies, more live instrumentation, more electronica, more digital, more analog, more bump, more grind and more vibe. Stay tuned.

Those Days – Single Launch Residency
@ The Evelyn Hotel 

Wednesday 8th November

Wednesday 15th November

Wednesday 22nd November

Wednesday 29th November

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