Shipping Rates

Note: International shipping from Australia can be expensive.  Our vinyl titles are available in web and retail stores worldwide through our distribution partners.  Tracks are available through digital outlets also.  If you cant find the record you’re after near you we’ll happily ship it out to you wherever you are.

Just a few of the stores that stock our titles:

Kudos Records Online Store (UK)
Juno Records (UK)
Fat Beats (US)
Underground Hip Hop (US)

Australia Post (Shipping Zones by Country)

Australia Post
Starting weightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kg$4.80$6.30$6.45$8.25$8.25
0.17 kg$9.00$12.35$14.60$15.90$21.75
0.40 kg$13.30$22.95$28.30$31.50$44.65
0.65 kg$13.30$22.95$28.30$31.50$44.65
0.90 kg$14.60$31.35$39.30$44.35$63.70
1.10 kg$14.60$31.35$39.30$44.35$63.70
1.35 kg$14.60$40.85$51.75$58.70$84.90
1.60 kg$14.60$40.85$51.75$58.70$84.90
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