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25th Anniversary of Charcoal Lane | Archie Roach

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Archie Roach’s acclaimed Charcoal Lane album with a special edition release to celebrate. Archie’s groundbreaking album is being re-released 25 years on with a 2nd disc full of extras, including Archie with Emma Donovan & The PutBacks on a version of Down City Streets. The special edition also includes live Triple J versions of Archie Roach alongside his late partner Ruby Hunter.

Archie’s legacy to Australian music is incredibly important. His career has paved a path for future Indigenous artists to express themselves, and has given a voice of solidarity to many displaced Indigenous people. Archie’s iconic contribution to the Australian music scene is strong and genuine, and we’re extremely proud to have worked with him.

Archie Roach has been one of Emma Donovan’s big heroes in life, and she is extremely proud to work alongside Archie. Her own musical contribution has made her the rising queen of soul music for Australia, and we’ve had a great time working alongside her.

Emma Donovan & The PutBacks were recently nominated Best Indigenous Act by Music Victoria, as well as their album Dawn for Best Soul, Funk, R’n’B and Gospel Album. Keep your eyes peeled for the verdict, and visit JB Hi Fi to support his anniversary album. Take your support further and support #SOSBLAKAUSTRALA by purchasing the 7-inch by Emma Donovan & The PutBacks featuring Archie Roach, Tim Rogers and Joelistics here.

Independent Label Week


Being a wholly independent record label is tough. Don’t get me wrong though, the pleasures of releasing and producing successful music far outweighs the sweat and tears, and we really wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. But being a niche label in the big world of electronic EDM and mainstream indie heavyweights makes it that extra bit difficult. We pour our hearts and lives into making music we dig, from dark instrumental soul music to quirky Bollywood surf soul and beyond; and it all comes down to the people who support it. You keep new music on our catalogue, you help our bands tour and you push us towards creating new music.

As you know, Record Store Day has pushed people to go out and support their local record store. That then supports many of the local artists and labels that are connected to them. Record Store Day attracted such large numbers in 2015 that sales increased by 628% in independent record stores. Major support like this keeps record stores alive in this age where downloading your favourite band via torrent is just too easy.

We’re excited to be part of the first ever Independent Label Week. Think of it as the Record Store Day for labels such as ourselves. The inaugural event will present special events, releases and sales associated with independent record labels around the world. Check out the associated labels, listen to their music and maybe you’ll find your next favourite thing. Our offering is a super special edition 7-inch by The PutBacks. Only 150 copies available from 9am on November 10th. Set your reminders.

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