You Me Bullets Love Video Clip

The Bombay Royale is an eleven piece Retro-Bollywood Jugganaut and their debut album “You Me Bullets Love” is available now from HopeStreet Recordings. With shimmering spaghetti guitar, screaming organs, epic strings and a thundering horn section, this is our opus to the cinematic sounds of 1970’s Indian cinema. An explosive, three minute roller coaster ride with all the trimmings – romance, kidnapping, hot brass, kung fu, a Tiger, a maiden in distress and a secret formula falling into the wrong hands. Will the masked marauders pull off the ultimate heist? Or will they all totally lose their minds before they get the chance, dancing themselves into a surfadelic frenzy in their own loungeroom? Who will win the affections of the Mysterious Lady? Can anyone beat Chip Chase when it comes to elegant wardrobing decisions? Where exactly is this crazy ride going to end?

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