HopeStreet Artists Feature on Archie Roach 25th Anniversary Release


Indigenous legend Archie Roach released the 25th Anniversary Edition of his debut album ‘Charcoal Lane’ today!

The groundbreaking album is being re-released 25 years on with a 2nd disk jam packed full of extras, including newly recorded versions of ‘Charcoal Lane’ material such as a verison of ‘Down City Streets’ featuring Archie and HopeStreets own Emma Donovan & The PutBacks. The special edition also includes live Triple J versions of Archie Roach alongside his late partner Ruby Hunter recorded in 1990 as well as further contributions from Emma and other Australian artists including Paul Kelly and Dan Sultan.

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Emma Donovan & The PutBacks also recently released a new 7-inch in support of #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA featuring Archie Roach, Tim Rogers and Joelistics. All proceeds from the release go directly to the campaign. For more information on this release or to purchase the record click here.