Stand Up And Be Counted – SOS Blak Australia’s 5th Global Call To Action



Tomorrow HopeStreet and all our artists are standing up with SOS Blak Australia to support the 5th global call to action against the closure of remote indigenous communities.

WHAT: A global protest against the threatened closure of Aboriginal communities.

WHY: Because 247 communities in WA, as well as communities in other states and territories are still in jeopardy due to cuts to funding. It’s urgent that all communities and supporters stand up to defend communities, culture and land and achieve ways of keeping communities alive and strong.

HOW: By mobilising in large numbers in different towns and locations in Australia and around the world and making out voices united, loud and clear to say “NO FORCED CLOSURES”

WHEN: 27 November 2015 (check local times in your area)

WHERE: In all major cities in Australia, smaller towns, Los Angeles, Berlin and other locations.

Follow the links to your local event from the worldwide facebook event page here.

Visit the SOS Blak website for more information on how you can help