The Meltdown on Rosewood!

Rosewood Meltdown

It’s the second tune of ours to feature on a big TV show this week! This time The Meltdown’s track ‘Better Days’ will be featuring in Fox’s Rosewood, episode 14 season 1 to be exact.

Once again this is a mainly American affair, so apologies to all the other people around the world. BUT if you are an American local, tune in to Fox this Wednesday night at 8pm. For you non-Americans (like us), unfortunately I can’t find any ‘legal’ ways to watch… get creative.

If you just want to listen to the tune, please do so below:

The Meltdown are getting into the studio very soon to record some more crooning R&B tunes, so if you like what you hear please keep your eyes and ears peeled. If you want something tangible, their debut 7-Inch single featuring ‘Better Days’ and ‘Sweet Water‘ is available below:

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