Leisure Centre premiere new single ‘Don’t Let Go (with Bec Rigby)’ via Noisey!


Leisure Centre (formerly The Do Yo Thangs) have paired up with The Harpoons’ singer Bec Rigby on their single ‘Don’t Let Go’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Mind Full’. After the lighthearted exuberance of their previous singles, ‘Don’t Let Go’ takes them to a more serious place: a minimal and bass heavy track supports Drummer/singer/producer Hugh Rabinovici’s emotive lead singing and Bec’s playful, hooky vocals provide a beautiful lightness in contrast. The Mind Full album is out July 20 through HopeStreet Recordings.

Recently having changed their name from The Do Yo Thangs (to the delight and/or consternation of internet comment threads) Don’t Let Go is the band’s first single under the Leisure Centre name. Don’t Let Go perfectly captures the group’s evolving sound and aesthetic and is a perfect note with which to strike out anew. Leisure Centre feels that the name change was a timely and essential step and that both the band and the Mind Full album will be stronger for the change.

Mind Full extends and expands on the band’s sweet future soul / alt R&B sound which veers into far darker territories than their previous offerings – tour of extremes which sees the band experiment with frenetic drum programming, cascading synthesizers, jilted backbeats and bouncy new jack era R&B. Throughout the album, and surrounded by massive choral vocal arrangements, drummer/singer/ composer/mastermind Hugh Rabinovici alternates lead vocal duties with Audrey Powne and their two deeply different voices and approaches defines a record that is all about striking the perfect balance between contrary impulses.