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Artist: Chantal Mitvalsky / The PutBacks
Release: Friend or Foe / Diamond Cutter
Format: Split 7″
Label: HopeStreet Recordings
Cat: HS001
Date: Sept 2009

From the bowels of an abandoned textiles factory in Brunswick, beneath a sign that advertises a long-defunct karate school, comes the first electrifying release from HopeStreet Recordings, “Friend or Foe”, by Chantal Mitvalsky. Available exclusively on seven inch vinyl, the track is rapidly gaining attention amongst soul and funk aficionados everywhere.

On a mission to capture the crusty analog soul and funk sound of a bygone era with a hungry new generation of artists, production team Bobzilla and Tristan Ludowyk are hard at work. Armed with a four track tape machine made some time in the 1970’s, some gaffa tape and a few microphones, they bring to you the first fruit of their labours:  a split seven inch record featuring the divine Miss Mitvalsky and a B-side by the inimitable powerhouse rhythm combination The PutBacks with their instrumental “Diamond Cutter.”

A – Chantal Mitvalsky – Friend or Foe

With a powerful voice, the lovely Miss Mitvalsky offers a scorching soul polemic, a tale of miscommunication and love gone wrong in the Bobzilla-penned tune “Friend or Foe”. Chantal has paid her dues on the Australian scene, singing in a variety of groups from Jackson Jackson to Wonderground. Backed by a hot rhythm section and tuff horns, she makes this song her own. This is Brunswick soul at its finest.

B – The PutBacks – Diamond Cutter.

The PutBacks are known for their deep funky groove and their dirty, raw and melodic sound. After years as a backing band for vocalists such as Kate Ceberano and Nat Dunn, the PutBacks began peddling their own brand of raw instrumental funk in 2007. “Diamond Cutter” written by Tom Martin features a 3 piece horn section alongside the powerhouse rhythm section that is The PutBacks.

“The PutBacks lay down a groove exactly how I want to hear it: With super-heavy authentic tones, attitude and feel…” – Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos/Lanu)

“Raw neo-classic funky soul from Chantal Mitvalsky & The PutBacks – a solid effort from the fertile Australian funk scene! ‘Friend Or Foe’ features some heavy, powerful vocals from Chantal and a nimble, swaggering funk back drop. The flip ‘Diamond Cutter’ is a solid funk instrumental with some tasty organ and brass.” – Dusty Groove

We only have a few of these left, and it’s next to impossible to find online now – don’t miss out!