Artist: The Cactus Channel
Release: Pepper Snake / The Dap
Format: 7″
Label: HopeStreet Recordings
Cat: HS003
Date: Jan 2011

Hear that sound? It’s raw, loose and nasty funk recorded straight to analogue tape. Just like the old days, but so new it’s sporting a badass teenage moustache. The Cactus Channel are a ten piece funk orchestra straight out of Princes Hill High School in inner city Melbourne. With an average age of seventeen, these kids are burning down original funk breaks and breaking down funk originals with a musical maturity far beyond their years. Featuring an update on the Porgy Jones classic “The Dap,” and their own “Pepper Snake,” the Cactus Channel’s debut single will be available on 7″ vinyl and as a digital download on HopeStreet Recordings in 2011.

We’re out of stock of this release, but it may be available from a store near you. Our records are distributed by Fat Beats (US), Fuse (AU) and Kudos (UK and elsewhere).  Otherwise download it online from iTunes or your favourite digital retailer.