JNBO aka Henry Jenkins, Deep soul bassist and 45 funk champion by night, reveals himself as maker of digi-trash-ghettodelic beats and stupid no-budget photoshop artwork by day. The Dark Horse of Far West Brunswick brings that vintage/filter/tape sound he’s known for but now it’s torn apart and reconstituted in Ableton in a collage of twisted samples, space echo and synthesizers. Analog engineering meets laptop experimentation.

Known for playing bass in bands The Cactus Channel, Frida and Karate Boogaloo and as a sessional player for artists like Mojo Juju and Emma Donovan, Henry is now making all kinds music in his Wyall Style studio, where he not only records quality deep funk bands on a reel to reel tape recorder, but geeks out on sub-basement-choirboy-electronica in the duo Loafer and bent remixes and freaky beats as JNBO.

His first release as JNBO on HopeStreet Recordings is a remix of The Bombay Royale’s The River, from the soundtrack of UbiSoft Games’ Far Cry 4, one of the biggest video games of 2014.

Press shot (1400x1400)

Hear JNBO’s other tunes on Soundcloud here

Buy the original track from The Bombay Royale’s The Island of Dr Electrico

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