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Get ready for white light on white wax, baby. Spinning your way at 45 rpm, The Bombay Royale’s latest piece of retro-Bollywood-freakadelic-disco is not powered so much by the forces of nature, as it is by forces beyond nature. You may say “Eurovision on acid in Mumbai,” but we say “Wild Stallion Mountain.” On the flip side is Khubsoorat Bewafa, a dark, pulsing, late night tale of treacherous hearts. Kalyanji and Anandji meets Blondie at the Heartbreak Hotel. A side and B side, light and dark, are balanced to create a harmonious whole.

On the subject of Wild Stallion Mountain, Bengali Mystic Sri Shanti Bhattacharya says the following: When a heart yearns for something it cannot name, there are many ways to God, many vehicles by which the seeker may travel: a light beam, a cosmic chariot, a whispered mantra in a quiet mind, a DRTC bus. In an elevated state of consciousness you find yourself in a wilderness of towering peaks, emerald forests, flowing streams and sparkling mirror balls, where the wind caresses your hair. Free from the wheel of suffering, you are lost and you are found. Gazing into the pool, the euphoria rising in your chest, the heart of the wild stallion beats strong within you. The touch of polyester excites you. You know that there is more, that you can go deeper.  Be ready to answer the knock of adventure. Be ready to ride. Climb that mountain. There is no way down.

On Saturday the 18th of April 2015 (world Record Store Day), you too can experience the cool breeze and snow-capped peaks of the Wild Stallion Mountain. This mystical experience is available on all digital stores and streaming services, and more importantly, on limited edition white vinyl. Ride on and prosper.

 “Epicness” – BBC6 Music

Dr. Dre meets Dr. No …” – Rolling Stone magazine

 “The Bombay Royale’s riotously colourful live show is a visual feast …” – “Musical masala”, The Age


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