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Hopestreet Recordings is an artist-run record label. We love records, and we love making records. We believe good music and good songs are of intrinsic artistic and commercial value. Our mission is to popularise the recorded music of the label’s artists, to help those artists connect with markets receptive to their music, and to exploit the rights we hold to the mutual benefit of artist and label both financially and creatively. 

We do this by managing the entire process that a record is – from writing to production to packaging to publicity. We find artists who have unique value and we use our experience and connections to realise that unique value in terms of musical outcomes, access to media space and access to revenue. We value the close-knit, light and nimble model that comes with a small team. We manage relationships for longevity and we use technology maximise the impact of our work in a digital marketplace. We aim to be a good player – not a big player.