Love Songs & D is a collaboration between singer ​Joshua Tavares and producer ​Bob Knob​. It’s a concept band and the concept is love songs. All the love songs. Sad, happy, horny, heartbroken or hateful. No emotion, no genre, no style and no process are off-limits as long as love is in the air. Or the water. Or the wine. It’s narrative fiction you can dance to.

Love Songs & D is a tribute to the legendary soft rock radio show Love Song Dedications, hosted by Richard “The Love God” Mercer for over a decade. Broadcast out of Sydney and syndicated around Australia every night, callers would unburden themselves on-air and dedicate songs to their loves.

Wives, husbands exes, lost loves and new loves got shout outs and song dedications, some were adoring, some were bitter, some were horny, some were tales of pure heartbreak and some were nothing less than slanderous. Callers wept, blamed, named, shamed, feted and adored their partners, their crushes and their significant others and were helped through the process by their counsellor and confessor Richard Mercer. Love Songs and D aim to take that spirit of storytelling and soul searching and transform into an album of original music. It’s narrative fiction you can dance to.

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