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“The Island of Dr Electrico” is a varied musical landscape, at times lush and tropical, at other times an impenetrable swamp teeming with all manner of surprises. Migrating seabirds have long flown thousands of extra miles avoid Dr Electrico’s blighted isle, leaving him alone to experiment with dark beats, primitive synthesizers and the raw emotion of kidnapped souls. The resulting sounds are a rich palette of classic cinema, from lonesome spaghetti to surf-rock, from psychedelia to spine-bending space disco, overlaid with the voices of our protagonists The Tiger and The Mysterious Lady.

From their unlikely beginnings in the suburban wilds of Melbourne Australia, The Bombay Royale have taken their unique sound to audiences throughout Europe, UK and the USA, where their performances have been met with astonishment and critical acclaim.

In March 2016, Henna Henna, the lead single from the album was featured in the smash hit AMC series Better Call Saul (season 2, episode 6).

The Island of Dr Electrico is the follow up to You Me Bullets Love which for which iTunes US named the band their Breakthrough World Music Artist in 2012.


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17 thoughts on “The Island of Dr Electrico

  1. leoni says:

    It said there was an error and also in the far right section a .”..problem” Hence, no download. Please look into it. Seems to
    ‘think’ my e-mail address is wrong ..?

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  6. Rugovid says:

    dude, i’m trying to DL this for about 5 hours now. All kind of stuff I do not want was added to my computer when I tried to DL and my antivirus program is going off every few seconds and still no album. you are really lucky that you are not anywhere near me right now.

  7. Tristan says:

    Hi Peter, we’ll email you to help get it to you – I think the company that set it up for us 2 years ago has gone under.

  8. Peter says:

    Thank you so much! By the way, the album is really great. I enjoy it a lot, and should have mentioned that in the first place.

  9. Mike says:

    hello, dig the album! i bought the vinyl record, but the download link for the mp3 does not work. could i get an email with the proper web link?

  10. Tristan says:

    hi mike, sorry for the trouble – the plant that manufactured that record and provided the download service went under and it’s no longer working. I’ll contact you via email to sort it out!

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