Love Songs & D release their debut boogie-funk track “Coming Up”

Coming Up is a joyful and rambunctious piece of 80s inspired boogie-funk loaded with slap bass, cowbell and bombastic vocals. It marks the debut of Melbourne’s ​Love Songs & D​, a collaboration between singer ​Joshua Tavares and producer ​Bob Knob​. Coming up is fun, first and foremost, but it’s also undeniably horny. This is a song that celebrates late-night hookups, optimistic 3am text messages, getting lucky and having fun. No language warning here – Coming Up​ is safe for work, but there’s no doubt what it’s all about.


If you get down with early Cameo, if you bump Debarge or if you’re on a Kashif tip, ​Coming Up is going to feel deeply familiar. Co-written with Melbourne funk institution Sex On Toast’s Angus Leslie, and featuring a horde of the hardest working musicians in town, it’s a team effort all the way but Joshua is definitely the king of this castle. The song kicks off with what can only be described as a roar and accelerates from there.

Joshua Tavares aka “The Mayor Of Collingwood” is a familiar figure in Melbourne from his roles as an organiser of community events and singer on countless gigs and records. Funk and Boogie is literally in Joshua’s blood, his 5 uncles were disco superstars Tavares, who released 12 albums between 1974 and 1983 and had chart-topping hits, the biggest of which was 1976s Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel​. Originally from Cape Verde, the Tavares clan have spread worldwide from the USA and Europe to Australia, and Joshua is yet another of them who make their living in music and dance.